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     Their work is very thorough and they are both pleasant and friendly. Would highly recommend Carpet Cleaning Slade Green.
Debra Hamer10/06/2024
     Superb support - They have consistently been helpful, no matter the situation. The cleaning crew did an amazing job and my house looked beautiful as a result.
Sophie L.22/05/2024
     As long-time clients of this company, we can confidently say that they are unmatched in both quality and customer service.
Paula and Aimee22/04/2024
     The level of perfection in maintaining the flat is evident and I have no doubts that they will facilitate the return of our deposit smoothly.
Michael K.30/03/2024
     Moving into a freshly cleaned home made us feel like we had already settled in, and it was all thanks to Carpet Cleaner Slade Green's fantastic services that exceeded our expectations.
Addison Palmer20/03/2024
     I can confidently say that Slade Green Carpet Cleaners offers one of the most valuable and efficient services out there.
     Have tried several different cleaning services but none have matched up to the quality of work and professionalism of this company's staff.
     I can personally vouch for how good the cleaners were - both showed dedication to their craft and made the carpet look like new all over again!
Lannie D.25/10/2023
     This cleaning service is terrific. They did an incredible job in my flat. It is completely spotless, cleaner then it has ever been. I will be using their cleaning services regularly.
Joan Bryant21/05/2020
      Slade Green Carpet Cleaners is arguably the best cleaning company. Their services are just great. I highly recommend.
      Slade Green Carpet Cleaning clean my home regularly, and their services are perfect. The cleaners manage to clean every room of my home so that I don't need to - which is excellent because although I love a clean home, I hate getting my hands dirty! Thanks to everyone who helps me to get a cleaner home!
Jason D.14/10/2015
     This is my first time living away from home and hiring a cleaning company and I can say that it is absolutely worth it! After seeing the great job that Slade GreenCarpetCleaners do at my friends home I thought about giving them a call too. I like the fact that I can trust the cleaners to do a top job whenever they come around and they are also very professional. This in turn has motivated me to work harder on my cleaning and set up a routine which fits in with the help I get each week. I recommend this company even for first time movers to help you get on the right track!
Angelina F.23/10/2014
     My neighbour and friend hired Slade GreenCarpetCleaners because she needed a house cleaner, and when she invited me round for a nosey I could barely believe my eyes! Her cleaner had turned her house into a beautiful and flawlessly clean place in hardly any time at all. She was very pleased with the service and convinced me to give them a call. The cleaner I ended up with was just as professional, and the results were just stunning! I had no idea a cleaning company could make such a difference in my life! Thanks so much for all the hard work!