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     This cleaning service is terrific. They did an incredible job in my flat. It is completely spotless, cleaner then it has ever been. I will be using their cleaning services regularly.
Joan Bryant21/05/2020
      Slade Green Cleaning Company is arguably the best cleaning company. Their services are just great. I highly recommend.
      Slade Green Carpet Cleaning clean my home regularly, and their services are perfect. The cleaners manage to clean every room of my home so that I don't need to - which is excellent because although I love a clean home, I hate getting my hands dirty! Thanks to everyone who helps me to get a cleaner home!
Jason D.14/10/2015
     This is my first time living away from home and hiring a cleaning company and I can say that it is absolutely worth it! After seeing the great job that Slade GreenCarpetCleaners do at my friends home I thought about giving them a call too. I like the fact that I can trust the cleaners to do a top job whenever they come around and they are also very professional. This in turn has motivated me to work harder on my cleaning and set up a routine which fits in with the help I get each week. I recommend this company even for first time movers to help you get on the right track!
Angelina F.23/10/2014
     My neighbour and friend hired Slade GreenCarpetCleaners because she needed a house cleaner, and when she invited me round for a nosey I could barely believe my eyes! Her cleaner had turned her house into a beautiful and flawlessly clean place in hardly any time at all. She was very pleased with the service and convinced me to give them a call. The cleaner I ended up with was just as professional, and the results were just stunning! I had no idea a cleaning company could make such a difference in my life! Thanks so much for all the hard work!

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